Puny Judges

Buzz Hines, an erstwhile Pence law clerk, recently informed me that Judge Pence (with the assistance of his long time secretary, Annabelle Pa) humorously appointed a number of his clerks as “puisne” judges.

We were called “puny” judges – puisne is a French phrase and the working definition is as follows:

Puisne Judges means the younger-born judges, at one time called puny judges. They are the four inferior judges of?the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the four inferior judges of the Court of ? Common Pleas. (French, puisné, subsequently born; Latin, post natus.)

As evidence of this great honor, Buzz forwarded a picture of the certificate hanging on a?wall in his office:


Here’s a transcript:

Martin Pence

Chief Judge, Inner Court of the Second Chamber
of The District of Hawaii

To all who shall see these Presents, Greeting:

Know ye: that reposing special trust and confidence in the ability to evaluate soundly and deal sagaciously with facts and law; in the uncompromising adherence to high moral principles; and in the achievement of intellectual legal maturity of

Robert Lewis Hines

?I do hereby appoint him an Honorable Past Puisne Judge of the Inner Court of the Second Chamber of the District of Hawaii; and I do hereby certify that he has exhibited some traits indicating an understanding of Law and the just application to the problems of mankind.

?In testimony whereof, I have caused these

letters to be made obvious, and the Seal of

the Inner Court of the Second Chamber

To be hereunto affixed.

Done at the City of Honolulu, State of Hawaii,

this 26th ?day of August, 1986

?By the Chief Judge

Thanks, Buzz – an honor well-deserved, I’m sure!

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